Sieht schick aus und wirkt

Zalando Köln


9 Gedanken zu “Sieht schick aus und wirkt

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  3. To Be Human

    is to fall in love over and over,
    to never give up on any of them,
    to cry for the inhumanity, and try to
    overcome all that surrounds us by creating
    a closeness with those in proximity, both
    geographical and philosophical. It is to
    carry those loves in our heart, flooding our
    minds no matter how gone they are. And
    to put others’ needs first, understand their
    flaws, work on our own so we can be
    better helpers. It is to take it all in and
    follow our dreams no matter how preposterous;
    to pull apart another brown paper bag and
    to write it all out, no matter how choppy.
    So take my hand and make it all better
    before I repeat the painful parts until
    I can no longer act. To struggle past
    obstructions and obligations, self imposed and
    expected; to wallow in joy, build strength and
    change what we can for the better. To give.

    Gefällt mir

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